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Dental Care During COVID-19

For more than fifteen years Dr. Ami Barakat and Villanova Dental Studio have been providing excellent full-service dental care in the Toronto area. The coronavirus pandemic has not changed this commitment to excellence in oral health. While Villanova Dental is…


Don’t Ignore Bleeding Gums

A little blood when you brush or floss is quite common, so common that many people ignore it. Regardless of how common it may be, bleeding gums are not normal. In many cases, they can be a sign of a…


The Benefits of Dental Crowns

There are a lot of different options for restoring your smile after tooth loss. Dental implants are a surgical procedure, which can make them frightening for some people. When considering your options, however, it is important to consider all of…


What to Know About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a very common dental treatment. As many as one-third of adults has at least one dental crown. Some people may have more than one. Even some children may get crowns. Despite how common they are, you may…


What Makes Us the Best Dentist in Ottawa?

Villanova Dental Studio in Stittsville, ON has been voted the Best Dental Clinic by Faces magazine three years in a row. Why? Our patients trust our cutting-edge technology and continuing education, which makes us some of the most experienced dental practitioners…


The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are just a cosmetic issue, right? It's easy to see how someone might think this way, but unfortunately it is simply not the case. A missing tooth is not only unsightly, it can cause cascading permanent damage to…