Meet Ottawa ON Dentist Dr. Nohe Sassi

Dr. Nohé Sassi

Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS)
Laval University

Dr. Sassi grew up in France and immigrated to Canada in 1994. After finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Physical Readaptation, he completed his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at Laval University, receiving several honorific prizes and scholarships for his clinical skill and passion.

In 2013, Dr. Sassi moved to Ottawa to begin practicing dentistry.

Dr. Sassi hasn’t stopped learning since, taking additional post-doctorate training in advanced dental rehabilitation and gum surgery. This is what makes him a distinct dentist when it comes to complex full mouth readaptation and comprehensive cases. Also, his clinical knowledge of the supporting tissues of the teeth (gums and jaw bones) make him stand out in the realm of dental and gum care.

Dr. Sassi believes in establishing a strong bond with his patients. Trust is the basis of all happy relationships and meeting Dr. Sassi, even for a simple consultation, is no exception. He achieves top-of-the-line dental care by being gentle, passionate and friendly.

Dr. Sassi enjoys doing humanitarian work to help people who are in desperate need of dental services.

When not at work, Dr. Sassi enjoys playing and recording music, cooking, making clay sculptures and running with his wife. Dr. Sassi can speak fluent English, French, Italian, and Spanish.